Event Calendar

2022/01/25 Step into Fosun's Ecosystem—Sisram Med & JOYFUL WAY Medical Aesthetics Theme Open Day
2021/12/17 H-evolution: From Biotech to Biopharma—Henlius Global R&D Day
2021/10/23 Fosun Open Day – Wonderful Tour of Lijiang
2021/10/20-2021/11/26 Non-deal Roadshows - HK & Europe
2021/8/25 2021 Interim Results Announcement
2021/6/23-25 Morgan Stanley Virtual Asia BEST Conference (for US and EU)
2021/6/11 Goldman Sachs Greater China Corporate Day
2021/6/7 Goldman Sachs Global Consumer ESG Conference
2021/6/4 Citi Pan Asia Conference
2021/6/1 JP Morgan Global China Summit
2021年6月 Fosun Corporate Day (TBA)
2021/6/3 BofA Innovative China Forum
2021/5/26 Morgan Stanley China Corporates Summit
2021/5/21 The 4th Hainan Investor Forum
2021/5/19 BOC China International Investment Conference
2021/4/8 Industrial Securities Investment Conference
2021/4/5 China Food and Wine Fair - Fosun Chinese Liquor Topic
2021/4/4 Citic Securities Conference
2021/4/1 Citic Securities - Aesthetic Medicine Industry Forum
2021/3/31 2020 Annual Results Announcement
2021/3/29 Morgan Stanley Hong Kong Summit
2021/3/23-25 JP Morgan Global ESG Conference
2021/1/22 UBS Greater China Conference
2021/1/20 Blackrock Medicine Conference
2021/1/6 Essence Securities Investment Conference
2020/12/22-23 Tianfeng Securities Investment Conference
2020/12/22 Zheshang Securities Investment Conference
2020/12/4 The 3rd Hainan Investor Forum
2020/12/3 Guotai Junan Securities Investment Conference
2020/12/2-3 BOC China International Investment Conference
2020/11/13 Huaxi Securities Investment Conference
2020/11/11 Industrial Securities Investment Conference
2020/11/10 COVID-19 Vaccine Investor Teleconference
2020/11/6 China International Import EXPO - Fosun Pharma Forum
2020/11/5 Huaan Securities Investment Conference
2020/11/6 Cinda Securities Investment Conference
2020/11/3 BofA Summit
2020/11/3 Fosun Senior Care Onsite Investor Event
2020/11/2 Goldman Sachs China Summit
2020/11/1 Djula New Store Opening Event
2020/10/17-18 Bund Fengjing Investor Event
2020/10/17 LANVIN Yu Garden Fashion Show
2020/10/12-16 AHAVA & WEI New Product Release and Investor Event
2020/9/29-30 Fosun Tourism Group Investor Onsite Event
2020/9/27 Nanjing Iron and Steel 20 Years Anniversary Forum
2020/9/16 Golden Sun Securities Conference
2020/9/9 Tianfeng Securities Q3 Investment Conference
2020/9/4 Industrial Securities Investment Conference
2020/9/15 CLSA Europe Roadshows
2020/8/28 2020 Interim Results
2020/8/5 The 1st Hainan Investor Forum
2020/5/21 China Securities Virtual Investment Conference
2020/5/20 Zhongtai Securities Virtual Investment Conference
2020/5/13 HSBC Investment Conference
2020/4/1 2019 Annual Results